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Carolinas Coast Bugs

Until we find a better way to track these, here they are in all their glory.

1. Dr. Voulgaris's wave gauges are being sent via NDBC. Here's the info on the stations:

Springmaid Pier Wave Gauge:

Folly Beach Wave Gauge (not currently reporting):

2. The yellow dot for Springmaid Pier met. station on the middle zoom box is somewhat hidden by the Myrtle Beach airport observation point. Maybe the hidden yellow dot can be moved a tad to make it more visible?

3. On the northernmost zoom box the yellow dot for the Diamond Shoals Buoy is slightly hidden by the text for the 35 deg latitude mark. Maybe this can also be slightly adjusted so that it is visible?

4. When working a few Special Marine Warning Events I noticed that the warning polygon or message text show up for the SMWs that ILM issued. However, they have been showing up from the CHS office. I'll have to check the next time any of the offices issue an SMW or Marine Weather Statement to be able to provide specific info.

5. On the forecast tab...the forecast for AMZ150 Marine Zone: S OF CURRITUCK BEACH LIGHT TO OREGON INLET NC OUT 20 NM shows up with the correct forecast text, but the map points to AMZ152. When you click on AMZ152 Currictuck beach light to Cape Hatteras it has the correct map, but the forecast text points to the text for AMZ150.

6. On the warning zoom maps and the forecast maps need to determine which well known marine locations to include so that they are not cluttered. Maybe pick a few to "sprinkle" onto the maps.

7. I agree with Steve and don't really have much to add. Also, I'd recommend that everyone take a look at some of the feedback that we have received so far at: There are some comments about bad obs or problems with labels that may be able to be easily corrected.

8. One important thing: This morning (Sunday), I noticed that the Tropical Storm Warnings are not displaying for the MHX area on the hazards map and are also not showing up as a headline on the marine zone forecast pages for the affected areas.

9. Since I was not on the conference call I don't know if this was discussed, but can we make some changes to the boxes in the Wilmington and Charleston areas? I feel they need to be centered more over each forecast offices areas of responsibility, which would entail moving both boxes over to the left. I've attached another map showing what I had in mind, the thinner boxes of the same color represent an approximate area of where I think the boxes should be moved to. Maybe Steve will have some input on this as well.

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