Advanced masturbation guide

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Regular masturbation can help to relieve stress and decrease prostate problems. There are even suggestions that it could help fight depression too. There can always be new ways to masturbate, so here I proudly introduce the best masturbation techniques on the internet! New to wanking?

advanced male masturbation techniques

The Best Male Masturbation Techniques: 10 Advanced Ways To Jerk Off

Is there anything out there for me? Sexologist Dr. Carol Queen: There are two main things to consider when looking for new masturbation techniques: Does it arouse you and give you the kind of getting-off experience you want? And, is it safe to do? Vibrators are getting fancier all the time, with all sorts of options for vibrations, rhythm, and patterns, and a toy like the Womanizer offers clitoral suction.

How to Masturbate with a Vagina: 28 Tips and Tricks for Solo Play

Do you want to learn the best male masturbation techniques available? Jerking off. My thinking was since women buy books on how to make men cum, what if I could pick up those books and pick some tricks myself?
Here's a highly personal question which if you are not too comfortable answering, you can choose to ignore : Do you remember the first time you masturbated? Well whether you remember or not, the important thing is you enjoyed yourself. After all, masturbation is normal! With that said, have you noticed anything different about the way you masturbate now from that of your younger years?