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Home video is prerecorded video media sold or rented for home viewing. In a different usage, "home video" refers to amateur video recordings, also known as home movies. The home-video business distributes films , telemovies , television series , and other audiovisual content in the form of videos in various formats to the public. These are either bought or rented, and then watched privately in consumers' homes. Most theatrically released films are now released on digital media, both optical and download-based, replacing the largely obsolete videotape medium. After the quick failures of these early attempts at home viewing, most feature films were essentially inaccessible to the public after their original theatrical runs.

Amours Aloft and at Sea in Wartime

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His movie is part of the Fox collection, and remains an amazing study in American Expressionism. The two characters are practically polar opposites, one suffering from an excess of sensitivity and the other from its near absence, yet both are men apart, unable to connect with the people around them. Borzage gives actors an inwardness that seems to anticipate the Method in some ways. This is feeling leavened by a great mastery of form, a concentrated use of composition and cutting that moves the psychological drama toward spiritual issues. When their glances cross, Borzage shows the magical connection that instantly arises first by cutting between increasingly tight close-ups, then panning from her face to his and back — twice! The shot calls attention to itself in a way that suggests the presence of a higher power: the filmmaker, of course, but also something transcendent, supernatural. They too have found each other.

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This collection of home movies includes amateur films and videotapes from the collections of the Center for Home Movies, the Prelinger Archives Home Movie Collection and many other home movie aficionados. This collection includes amateur productions, home movies and home videos of family activities, travelogues, dramas and a variety of homemade films from the last century, as well as ephemeral films about home movie making. In , the Center for Home Movies was established as a non-profit corporation to administer Home Movie Day and to engage in new home movie projects and to act as a clearinghouse for information about home movies.
Almayer's Folly - Narrative film adaptation by Chantal Akerman of Joseph Conrad's first novel, following a European man living in Southeast Asia and his half-indigenous daughter. Angry Monk - Gendun Choephel, a legendary figure in Tibet, turned from the monastic life he was born to as the reincarnation of a Buddhist lama , to become a fierce critic of his country's religious conservatism and isolationism. Known as the "father of anime," Osamu has created hundreds of comics, dozens of films, and even some television series, including Astro Boy. From the KimStim Collection. The Battle of Chile - The epic chronicle of Chile's open and peaceful socialist revolution, and of the violent counter-revolution against it in