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It was never an issue growing up in the '90s, as a woman's derriere wasn't talked about as a beauty standard as much as it is today and I wasn't impacted by pop culture-induced insecurities. Back then, Kim Kardashian hadn't yet broken the internet by balancing a wine bottle on her apple-shaped bottom and Nicki Minaj's hit song Anaconda dominated the charts. In those years, I was blissfully unaware that my underside was lacking volume, and that some people might view that as an issue. It was only after an ex-boyfriend drunkenly told me that he wanted to give me butt implants—"huge ones"—that I became acutely aware of the fact that my butt was not the ideal of the moment. Despite having other unrealistic body expectations for myself, such as having an hourglass-shaped body or bee-stung lips, my flat ass became the issue that I was most insecure about, even though it was the one I knew I would never be able to change. I was aware that I wasn't alone.

Translation of "bubble butt" in Spanish

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The majority of them said they would rather have bigger breasts because they are much more appreciated in China. That explains why padded bras are so popular in Asia. That explains why many of my curvy Western friends have complained of the difficulty of finding a Chinese boyfriend. One thing that remained a constant - men always figured somewhere into their answers. Maybe the body types they were naming weren't what they wanted, but what they thought men wanted.
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