Asian bbq recipe

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Summer is officially here. It is the time of the year when outdoor grills are dusted off so we can host social grilling gatherings. To make this year even more memorable, why not put a twist on the usual, somehow-too-familiar barbecue and grilling recipes? I have a roundup of must-try Asian grilling and barbecue recipes to help you out. Perfectly cooked chicken with crispy and flavorful crust, juicy and tender meat, and heavenly smoky aroma. Cook the best grilled potato by slicing it finely, grill until blistered on the surface and creamy in texture.

Chinese BBQ Sauce (叉烧酱)

Chinese BBQ Sauce (叉烧酱) | Omnivore's Cookbook

This was yummy, stick to my fingers delicious. I used the sauce for my chicken wing and Barbequed it on the grill as well as on my Instant Pot Omni Plus air fryer toaster oven. They were a hit right to the last bite. I added a bit of chili sesame oil to it to give it a bit of zing and it did the trick! Thank you for sharing this recipe with us! Made this to go with some Five Spice ribs.

Asian Barbecue Sauce

Fire up your grill for this quick and healthy Asian barbecue chicken recipe. Combine first 6 ingredients in a large zip-top plastic bag; add chicken. Seal and marinate in refrigerator 4 hours, turning occasionally.
This Chinese BBQ sauce has a rich, sweet, savory taste with well-balanced Asian notes of ginger and five spice. It is super fast to make and has a thick consistency. Make your favorite dishes using this Chinese BBQ sauce to replace your regular sauce and make your weekday dinners more interesting!