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If you are a carrier for a specific disease, use the Select option to find more donors that are suitable. Only if you are a carrier for the same disease as the donor, should he be excluded. All negative donors are an option for those who have not had any carrier testing completed. Ancestry, eye and hair color are not included features in the match so we suggest you select those features that matter to you below to aid in narrowing your search. Use close up, forward facing, high quality images.

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Place your order by calling us at or by ordering online. For over 20 years Fairfax Cryobank has provided the highest quality donor sperm that has led to the creation of many happy healthy families. We provide the caring and sensitive support you need, the high quality donor sperm you require, and are accredited by the AATB American Association of Tissue Banks and fully compliant with FDA regulations governing reproductive tissue banks. Fairfax Cryobank offers a large selection of high quality sperm donors; only 1 in applicants make it through our rigorous screening process to become donors. We perform the most extensive genetic and infectious disease testing of all sperm banks.

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We have a history of and reputation for offering exceptional donor sperm and related services. Part of that history has been helping individuals, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status, to achieve pregnancy and fulfill their dreams of expanding their family. Fairfax Cryobank is honored to be part of your family building story, regardless of sexual orientation. Fairfax ships worldwide.
Fairfax Cryobank is operating and available to answer questions! Call to order vials and receive 3 months of free storage! Find your perfect sperm donor in the donor search now. Explore our banking and storage options.