Best epilator for bikini area

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Every type of hair removal method has its pros and cons: shaving the wrong way can cause razor bumps , tweezing takes way too long, and laser hair removal can just be so darn expensive. If you've tried all of these methods and you're still unsatisfied with the results, you should seriously consider investing in an epilator — a handheld, electrical device that pulls unwanted hair from the root. It's said that epilating can keep your skin smoother for longer, and helps hair grow back more slowly and finer than before. The catch?

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When it comes to hair removal, epilation is perhaps the most misunderstood method — in fact, so many people shrug it off because of the myriad myths out there. We called on Dr Anita Sturnham, Braun Beauty Ambassador, to explain everything you need to know about epilating — as well as where to bag the best one for your hard-earned cash. Epilation is a method of hair removal that involves removing each hair, right from its root. As the hair is removed from the root, you can get rid of shorter hairs more effectively than other hair-removal methods. So depending on your pain threshold, there may be some discomfort. The warmth of the water releases endorphins which helps to reduce any discomfort or irritation.

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Epilator is one among the best things that every woman should use in order to get a hairless body. Epilators can help to remove the hair from the roots, thus, giving you smooth and flawless skin. Epilating might be a little painful but, trust me, the results are awesome and especially when it is concerned with bikini area! Epilating bikini are can help to get rid of the hair from roots giving you a sexy and hairless bikini line. So, if you want to epilate the bikini area, here we mention some of the best epilators for bikini area available in India.
Unlike razors that give us in-grown hairs, or waxing that just leaves us sticky, epilators leave you with silky smooth skin without the mess. If you haven't tried epilating before, once you get past the first albeit a little painful hurdle, it's worth it for the long-lasting results. But how do these miracle devices work and how do you even begin using an epilator? We've rounded up all the info you need to know before making the investment, so you can have silky smooth limbs in no time. These were our winners