Best female stripper names

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25 Stripper names we secretly love

+ Sexy And Seductive Stripper Names - Hind Status

If your name can be used as an adjective or shares the name of a popular city, you might be a stripper. According to some parenting message boards, blogs and forums, these are the names to avoid if you don't want people to think your daughter is a stripper. Crystal variations include Cristal, Chrystal, and Krystle , meaning "ice or clear" became a stylish name for girls in the s, ranking among the top most popular. Crystal climbed to one of the most popular names for girls in , influenced by the character Krystle Carrington, after the hit US drama series "Dynasty" debuted.

Female Stripper Names

The stripper names are uses by the nude dancers who dance in the nightclub. There are different types of strippers as the stripper can be male, female, gay, and even a lesbian stripper. The strip dancing starts in the western region first and in the strippers are commonly females who do the nude dance to entertain peoples in the club or in the private party. Now let us discuss some of these names for all the categories that anybody can use because these names are for all males and females.
As an expectant parent, you usually want to avoid giving your baby a sexy name. But there are plenty of stripperish names that are actually really awesome. Some stripper names are highly sexually suggestive, particularly when paired with a made-up last name, or liberties are taken with the spelling for example, Texxxas. However, not all stripper names remind us of the taking-off-the-clothes variety. Here are some of our favorites.