Boob chart shape

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Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. Find the best bra for your shape with this need-to-know guide. There are a variety of shapes and sizes of breasts. Quite simply, no two are alike. Some women are small-busted, or full busted; some women have breasts that are two varied sizes, and some are augmented from undergoing surgery. It is also likely that over time, your breasts are going to undergo changes, just as you do.

What to know about breast shapes

Breast shapes: What to know

When it comes to boobs, no two are the same—not even the two on your own chest. Boobs come in as many or maybe more shapes and sizes as snowflakes, and with the exception of any lumps and bumps that might signal a potential health problem, all those shapes and sizes are normal and healthy. If one set is firm, high, and perky, and the other set sits lower on the chest and abdomen and droops, the lower-sitting breast will exert more strain on the back, shoulders, and neck, says Dr. Kolker says. But more important than band and cup size, Cohen adds, is finding the bra shape that best corresponds to your boob size.

Knowing Which Breast Shape You Have Will Solve All Your Bra Problems

Female breasts can develop in various shapes and sizes. This article will look at several different types of breast, areolae, and nipple shape. Bell shaped breasts typically occur in people with larger breasts. These breasts tend to be narrow at the top and full at the bottom. Teardrop breasts look similar to bell shaped breasts.
Breasts come in many different shapes. These are not as common as what everyone might think. The average breasts are actually very rare. Sorry to burst your bubble boys but when seen on screen or in magazines, these perfectly proportioned and naturally gravity defying bosoms are actually not as common as you think. These can be found on any age of woman.