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Facial paralysis related to acoustic neuroma. The most common brain tumor affecting facial nerve function is acoustic neuroma AN. AN, also known as vestibular schwannomas, are benign non cancerous brain tumors that arise from Schwann cells of the 8 th cranial nerve. The 8 th cranial nerve has two components, a vestibular component that controls balance, and a cochlear component that controls hearing. The 8 th cranial nerve is also located very close to the facial nerve cranial nerve 7 as it exits the brainstem.

Facial Paralysis

Brain Tumor Related Facial Paraylsis | Pacific Eye & Ear

We use cookies and similar tools to give you the best website experience. By using our site, you accept our digital privacy statement. Read our updated information about wearing a mask for your visit. NYU Langone neurotologists, surgeons who specialize in nerves that affect the head and neck, are among the few specialists in New York City who perform a surgery called middle fossa facial nerve decompression for facial nerve paralysis. In this procedure, doctors enlarge the space through which the seventh cranial nerve travels. If decompression surgery is performed within two weeks of the onset of symptoms—preferably within days—doctors can relieve pressure on the nerve, possibly preventing permanent nerve damage and accelerating your recovery. Surgeons determine if a decompression procedure is required using a diagnostic test called electroneurography.

Reanimation Surgery for Facial Nerve Paralysis

Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. The facial nerve is one of the most commonly injured cranial nerves. Once injured, the effects on form, function, and psyche are profound.
Learn more. The Johns Hopkins Facial Nerve Center provides advanced care to patients who experience facial nerve disorders including facial paralysis. With the help of our specialists, we develop an individualized plan that can improve your smile, blink, and overall well-being.