Control joint divider strip

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In 50 years, no other manufacturer has been able to replicate the process that Latham has developed to create a completely secure bonding of the neoprene insert to the metal side plates that our floor control strips provide. Another reason our floor control strips differ from the products our competitors offer is that we pay particular attention to the quality, straightness, and uniformity of the specialised neoprene extrusion. This is vital to accommodating thermal movement within the flooring system without compromising its structural integrity. Unfortunately, many other manufacturers skip this step to make construction cheaper but at Latham, cutting costs at the risk of lowering quality standards is never an option.

Neoprene-X-Pansion Loc & Tile Strips

Epoxy Terrazzo - Control Joint Detail | International Masonry Institute

Thin-set epoxy was traditionally placed directly onto a prepared structural concrete slab. The crack resistance of the terrazzo was based primarily on two functions. First, the epoxy terrazzo formulations were extremely high in tensile strength and second, they did not contain excess water that leads to shrinkage cracks or volume change during the curing process. Epoxy formulators introduced flexible epoxy membranes that are installed at a nominal 40 mils. Thickness and engineered for high tensile strength and high elongation, relative to the epoxy binder matrix. These membranes have become industry standard for crack detailing and, in some cases, full slab coverage prior to the installation of the thin-set epoxy terrazzo. Concrete has been the standard flooring substrate in the commercial construction industry for many years.

Purpose of Divider Strips in Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo is mostly characterized by its aggregates and its binder epoxy or cement. Terrazzo divider strips are also an important component of a terrazzo floor. In this blog, we will dive into the purpose of divider strips and take a look at some of the options available in helping you design your next terrazzo project. Divider strips used in terrazzo flooring serves two purposes: Form and Function. Divider strips form the layout of the terrazzo floor design.
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