Cosmetic surgery of the asian face

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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. The face-lift procedure rhytidectomy is increasingly popular in Asia. There is extensive literature on different techniques in Western patients. Cultural and anthropomorphologic differences between Asian and Caucasians require the adaptation of current techniques to obtain a satisfactory outcome for both the patient and the surgeon.

The Asian Face Lift

Aesthetic Surgery in Asians: The Asian Face Lift

Asian facial skeletal contouring procedures are performed frequently in Asia, especially in South Korea. These surgeries that decreases the width and sharp angularity of the cheek bones and jaw. These surgeries address facial characteristics that tend to be more prominent in individuals of North Eastern Asian descent. However, these procedures are not limited to Asians. Individuals of any ethnicity who would like to modify their wide angular cheek bones, wide and low-set jaw, and short and broad chin, are all potential candidates for these procedures. This procedure decreases the sharp outward contour of your cheekbones.

3 Most Commonly Requested Asian Cosmetic Procedures at Changes Plastic Surgery San Diego

This has been largely led by the cosmetic surgery boom in South Korea, where 13 in 1, population has had some form of cosmetic procedure done, the highest per capita in the world, according to a survey led by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. It is necessary to define the scope of discussion in this chapter, as there exists broad ethnic diversity within the Asian continent, which houses a population of 4 billion. The discussion in this chapter therefore excludes South Asians, Middle Easterners, and other Asians with Caucasoid features. This chapter focuses on the most commonly requested surgery for Asians—blepharoplasty—as well as facial bone contouring surgery, which is a surgery that is unique to the Asian population.
E-mail: gmaclinic gmail. It is mainly a procedurally oriented text with particular focus on common East Asian aesthetic surgical procedures. The Introduction explores the contemporary concepts of beauty among East Asians, namely the people of China, Korea, and Japan who form the target patients of this book. It points out that recent social and cultural changes brought about by rapid economic development in the area have contributed to a shift in conventional associations of beauty from Caucasian to Asian features.