David allan coe pick em lick

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I'm gonna play this song for my future kids right after they're born. I know my future wife might get mad at me, but that's just part of the fun. I was so disappointed when one of my favorite country singers turned out to be one of the biggest pieces of trash. Try not to feed them too much LMAO I want to hack the next women's march and get this on their speakers!! If everyone was as straight up as DAC instead of being so fucking full of themselves then we might finally have a bit of peace in our lives. I'm usually a metal head but when I watched terrace popp he always played this guy so I looked him up.

David Allan Coe - Pick Em, Lick Em, Stick Em Lyrics

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Lyrics Album list Singer Intro Related Video David Allan Coe Pick Em, Lick Em, Stick Em I was 15 goin' on 20 when I met up with this old man He was quite a lover of the cards and of the dice He had whores and he had ladies, he made love and he made babies He could tell some damn good stories and give some good advice [Chorus:] You gotta learn how to pick 'em son, learn how to lick 'em son, Learn how to stick 'em son between the thighs. You gotta try not to beat 'em too much, try not to teach 'em too much, Try not to feed 'em too much bullshit and lies. He'd sit down and pour some whiskey, then he'd mix it up with water. Here's a picture of my daughter he would say, then he would sigh. Then he'd drink and laugh a little, as he picked up that old fiddle. That same old riddle, I never did know why. I was sure he raised her right and taught her how to fuck.

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