Dick gregory on obama

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Black pride, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Known for his gruff, in-your-face commentary, the year-old Gregory wasted no time setting the tone for his speech after taking the stage at the University Area Community Development Center. For those taken aback by Gregory's brash comments about race, he offered context in a history lesson. When he first hit the comedy scene in the late s, black comics were relegated to acts that involved singing and dancing.

On Obama, longevity, comic geniuses

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Dick Gregory, author, comedian, and activist, comes to Tubman City to focus on the major issue of a Black president and what it represents in todays time. Is it history or is ita hoax? Watch and find out for yourself. Skip to main content.

Barack Obama's debt to Dick Gregory

Then again, Gregory said he isn't so sure he can consider President Barack Obama 's a "legitimate" win: "The reason is, Bush scared white folks so bad with the war and the economy," he said, "they forgot they wasn't supposed to vote for a Negro. With someone like Dick Gregory you have an unbroken line from the mid-'60s into today. The event, featuring journalist Laura Washington questioning Gregory, was a rapid sellout. But before flying to Houston for a comedy appearance earlier this month, Gregory, speaking from the Washington, D. Gregory was ranked No.
The round tables ensure that half of the room is facing the wrong direction, food is constantly being brought to the table or taken away from the table, the clatter of silverware and clink of ice cubes are in constant competition with the microphone for audio dominance, and the lighting is usually too dim or too bright. When I saw Dick Gregory speak at a banquet, not a single fork hit a plate. Not a single chair faced away from the stage. Gregory, who died on Saturday at the age of 84 , was holding court.