Dick tattoos on girls

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15 Most Inappropriate Tattoos Ever

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Imagine getting a tattoo, going home, and realizing that some of the lines are a little crooked, or the shading looks uneven. That would be pretty annoying, right? Yeah, I wouldn't be too stoked either. But that's what happened to this poor year-old Austrian woman after she asked her pal- also a year-old- "hobby tattooist" aka scratcher for a simple, peaceful ying yang tattoo on her back. He drew the correct stencil, showed it to her, got her approval- and then totally went rogue. Homegirl went home to find a horribly rendered penis along with the words "FUCK YOU" tattooed on her back instead of a zen little ying yang.


Back when she first started tattooing two decades ago, female tattoo artists were few and far between, and a lot of straight guys only felt comfortable getting a dick tattoo from a woman. Men from all across the country travel to get their dicks tattooed by her, often saying that they're wanted a dick tattoo for years, but struggled to find an artist. But that makes it challenging for men to find an artist. We know you probably have a lot of questions about penis tattoos, and we have answers!
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