Drawing facial expressions

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At its core, a good story is all about emotional connection. The emotional spectrum is vast and memorable. So now, as storytellers, how do we tap into this power of connection with the audience? You guessed it: facial expressions. For every emotion that we can have, there is a correlating facial expression.

How To Draw Facial Expressions

How To Draw Comics | How To Draw Facial Expressions

In this essential guide for drawing facial expressions, concept artist Magda Prowski breaks down facial anatomy to explain how the facial features work together and move to express emotion. Follow this guide to level up your character art and create expressive characters! Magdalena Proszowska, or simply Magda Proski, is a popular artist well-known for her stylized, eye-catching portraits and illustrations. She joins her love for storytelling and world creation in expressive illustrations with lifelike characters at the center. Magdalena is a self-taught digital artist, a frequent speaker at local events, and a guest teacher at Game Art universities in Cologne and Dusseldorf in Germany. The face is one of the most complex objects to paint. It is full of bumps and cavities just like any other dimensional object, but the face also tells stories, invokes emotions, and creates the illusion that there is a real person looking at the viewer from a flat two-dimensional canvas.

Drawing - expressions

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