European amateur championship

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European Online Amateur Chess Championship will take place from 10thth April , on the Tornelo playing platform. Day — 1 All groups: Qualification Stage, 8 rounds, minimum qualifiers to the final stage. Any player belonging to one European National Chess Federation has the right to participate. The entry fee is fifteen 15,00 euros for each participant or twenty 20,00 euros for any participant who wishes to start from the upper rating category. Timing of the test events is attached to regulations of the event.

European Amateur

Lindblad’s 67 Wins European Women’s Amateur Championship – LSU

ECU member federations shall have the right to send as many players as they wish. This has to be announced to the participants before start of the first round. European Amateur Chess Championship J. Participation J.

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The European Amateur Championship is an annual amateur golf tournament played at various locations throughout Europe. It was first held in The winner receives an invitation to the next Open Championship , provided they maintain their amateur status prior to the Open. Before the European Amateur was played after the Open and the invitation was for the next year's Open.
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