Excesive smells for anus

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Is It Normal to Smell Myself Through My Pants?

I Can Smell Myself Through My Pants: Why, and What to Do About It?

The anus is the opening where bowel movements leave the body. The skin around the anus can easily become irritated and inflamed. You may feel burning, soreness, and intense itching. This can make you want to scratch the area. Many factors lead to anal itching. Causes of anal itching include:.

How do you stop smelly farts?

Passing gas, especially very smelly gas, can be an embarrassing problem. Fortunately, for anyone who experiences smelly gas, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the problem. In most cases, it is natural and healthy for a person to experience intestinal gas.
Medically reviewed by Drugs. Last updated on Aug 31, The anus is that part of the intestinal tract that passes through the muscular canal of the pelvis and anal sphincters. It is the final orifice through which stool passes out of the body.