Eye glass frames to fit facial features

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Face shapes play a huge role in which eyeglass frames will look attractive on you. To determine your face shape and which eyeglass styles will look best, pull your hair away from your face and look directly into a mirror. Take a close look at the overall shape and contours of your face and head. Here are the seven primary face shapes and the type of eyeglass frames that look best on each shape:. An oval face shape is considered to be ideal because of its balanced proportions.

How to Find the Perfect Eyeglass Frames for Your Face Shape

How to choose the right glasses for your face shape | Coastal

Finding a flattering pair of glasses is easy if you know your face shape. Simply select your face shape below to see our recommendations for complementary frames. An oval face is proportionally balanced, with a slightly curved jawline that is somewhat narrower than the forehead, allowing for the most flexibility in frame options. While most styles look good on oval faces, these frames will add structure to the softer oval shape. A round face is typically as wide as it is long and lacking prominent cheekbones.

Finding the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

Choosing a new pair of eyeglasses is a big decision. To pick the most flattering, comfortable and practical pair, you need to consider several different factors: your lifestyle—i. Of course, you also need to take into account your visual health and the reason you need eyeglasses. Are the glasses correcting a refractive error? Do you need them for reading or driving at night?
Eyeconic makes finding the right frames simple. Use the following four tips to find the frames that work best for your style. Is your face round, oval, square, diamond or heart-shaped?