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But Clarke, 33, also told Shepard that it initially made her uncomfortable to strip down on a set in front of the crew and other cast members. But such experiences have long been a common situation for young actresses, usually at the start of their careers, the Washington Post reported in But the Washington Post also reported that actresses regularly contend with other subtle forms of coercion or, worse, threats and verbal abuse at the ends of directors and producers. Sarah Jessica Parker and Debra Messing also have gone public to share stories about similar experiences involving other powerful men. The burden of screen nudity also falls more heavily on women than on men.

45 Celebrities Who Got Totally Naked on Camera

Emilia Clarke: Pressure to do nudity common for actresses

Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. For a very long time in Hollywood, it was impossible to show nudity onscreen. Although movies in the silent era included fully naked bodies, from to , censors monitored every studio film closely for explicit content, flagging costumes that were too revealing or shots that were too leering. But by the early s, a few stars were willing to test the nude taboo.

Celebrities Who Regret Doing Nude Scenes: Kate Winslet, Jamie Dornan and More

Baring it all! Celebrities have mixed feelings about going nude for a role — some are all for it, while others instantly regret taking off their clothes on screen. Sarah Jessica Parker , for example, has a no-nudity clause in her contracts, while Mandy Moore and Rebel Wilson have opened up about using body doubles for nude scenes.
Skip navigation! Story from Movies. Nude scenes in movies or television is a thing. It's a complex negotiation of weird costumes and props designed to hide certain body parts and choreography that is the opposite of sexy. Actors and actresses have long talked about how the process of making a sex scene look hot on screen is decidedly not hot at all.