Flooring installation laminate strip transition

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Laminate flooring is one of the least expensive floor coverings available. Often referred to as a floating floor because it does not attach to the sub floor, the material is a snap to install. When laminate flooring is used in conjunction with other types of flooring, a transition strip is needed to cover the expansion joint between the two surfaces. Several types of transitions are available to accommodate different flooring applications. Although they generally install the same, you must choose a transition that is suited for your application needs.

Transition strips for laminate flooring

Installing Laminate Transitions, Step by Step Instructions

In a perfect world, your flooring would flow seamlessly from room to room. Hardwood flooring, for example, would flow continuously from living room to bedroom to kitchen to bathroom. In the real world, however, you cannot help but transition from one flooring type to another because different rooms need different types of flooring. For example, the Brazilian cherry works great in the living room, but you must transition to porcelain in the bathroom due to moisture issues.

How to Install Laminated Flooring Transition Molding

The process for installing laminate transitions can vary depending on the product you purchase. The method in which the transitions are fixed can also vary. Most of the transitions I have installed come with a shaped strip that is fastened to the floor. The transition then snaps into the U-shaped channel.
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