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It has been quite some time since chapter 5 was submitted so if you are not already familiar with the story line it might be advisable to start with Chapter 1. Fems up, ladies! Swanson was at her best as she combined two of her favorite activities; masturbating young men and displaying her considerable power This is Part 3 of a continuing story.

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This is an area for multiple types of adventures with themes focusing on different aspects of BDSM. So far paths currently include a human zoo, going to a fetish club, bondage wrestling, horror stories, erotic bets, and so much more. Writers of all kinds welcomed! I turned 19 last week and moved into my own one bed apartment, thanks to my part-time job. Ever since my birthday, I was feeling quite out of it. I learn why soon enough Dimension X is a parallel universe where females are the dominant lifeform.

Forced milking

I do pull one of my containers filled with frozen man milk from the freezer every once in awhile and look at it. Self Prostate Milking This is a good way for a man to milk his prostate. I like to watch. Once done ejaculating I tell him to keep rocking back and forth gently.
The evening was going well, and the boys were lounging around in their underwear chatting and chilling. Zack put on some music, and as usual, Aaron, Lucas and Ron were the first to leap up and start fooling around. Ron and Aaron started some goofy dancing, and as Ron started some kind of gyrating duck dance, everyone could see the effect of his penis flopping around inside his underwear.