Furring strip drywall

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By Crowder Painting. Under normal circumstances, repairing large holes with furring is preferable to the stud to stud method because the stud to stud method involves making the hole larger to accommodate a new drywall sheet large enough to be anchored to wall studs. Some do-it-yourselfers are simply uncomfortable making damage even worse before undertaking repairs. This method involves attaching pieces of wood or plywood directly to the drywall and not necessarily to the studs.

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What Is a Furring Strip, What Is It Used For, and How to Install It?

It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. In my basement, there's currently a tile ceiling that's installed on furring strips attached to the joists. The furring strips are 1"x2", attached to the joists by nails. We're currently replacing the wood paneling with drywall, and would like to replace the ceiling tiles as well.

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Metal furring strips come in two different styles. They include:. Hat channel furring strips are the most common kind of metal furring strips and are mainly used in the real estate industry due to its heat resistance qualities.