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That's approximately million people. That's according to a study by a German sex researcher who found that women with red hair had sex more often. A similar English study found that redhead gals had sex an average of three times a week, while our blonde and brunette counterparts have it twice a week. Shame the fellas weren't questioned, too.

13 amazing facts about redheads that everyone needs to know

70 Redhead Facts & Secrets You Never Knew |

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Facts and Myths About Red Hair

Humanity has long had a fear and fixation for the unknown. Because of how rarely they occur in nature, redheads have faced many stigmas throughout history. For centuries, many different cultures have had mixed opinions when it comes to red hair. While not many understand why redheads are so rare, they have been associated with magic and the supernatural.
And sometimes, it can be hard to distinguish fact from myth, so this page is for you, fellow redheads. Western Europe houses more redheads than anywhere else in the world. This is the melanocortin 1 receptor, also known as MC1R for short. Many thanks go to Professor Jonathan Rees who is responsible for discovering what makes redheads special after conducting a study at the University of Edinburgh in This ginger gene is a slight mutation of the MC1R gene on chromosome