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Valley Girls

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Lily and Carol Rhodes as they appear in the backdoor pilot for Valley Girls. Valley Girls was a potential Gossip Girl spin-off, set to serve as a prequel to the original series. With the production and development of the Valley Girls television series, creator Josh Schwartz had planned on establishing a continuity between the worlds of Gossip Girl and his previous series, The O. However, as Valley Girls was not picked up for series, the plans for a continuity with The O.

Krysten Ritter joins "Gossip Girl" spinoff

The series became such a phenomenon that The CW even attempted to craft a backdoor pilot for a spin-off at the end of season 2. Eight years ago, I ventured to a damp warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. The proposed pilot aired as a typical episode of Girl but with most of the hour focusing on a flashback that found Lily reflecting on her own tumultuous teen years. Along the way, she reconnected with her black-sheep sister Carol pre- Jessica Jones Krysten Ritter as the duo hit the aforementioned club to see a band called Snowed Out — played by guest stars No Doubt, including a pre- The Voice Gwen Stefani. What time did you get home?
The episode served as a backdoor pilot for a potential Gossip Girl spin-off series set in the s, entitled Valley Girls. References to elements of s popular culture were heavily accentuated in the episode, which the producers hoped would bridge the generation gap between the characters and audience. Although the episode received generally positive reviews, the spin-off series was not picked up. In the past, Lily runs away from her wealthy parents to live in the San Fernando Valley with her sister Carol Rhodes Krysten Ritter , the black sheep of the family. In the present, Lily's daughter Serena van der Woodsen Blake Lively rebels against her mother while her classmates prepare for the Prom.