Guys suck on their finger

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How to Give a Finger Blow Job (Yes, You Read Right)

How to Give a Finger Blow Job (Yes, You Read Right)

Seriously, I tried. When I finally found a legitimate reference, I was surprised at how little the finger blowjob has been discussed. Most blogs and magazines focus on regular blowjobs or variations of the regular blowjob, but nobody mentions the finger blowjob! So, what exactly is it? The finger blowjob is simple. The answer is yes and no.

Sexual Exploration: Ever Heard of the Finger Blowjob?

Not exactly sex topic. Like if the girl the man is seeing gives her hand to him for it to kiss and he does that to her, is it a normal thing to do? I'd love to put my fingers in a man's mouth for him to suck on. Its sort of a domination thing for me. But that being said, if I give my hand to a guy for him to kiss it and he straight up devours one or more of my fingers, I'm running away.
The Tips a double! Make sure he's lying down — mind-blowing bliss may cause his legs to give out. Then suck each finger, softly scraping his fingertips with your teeth.