Harry and ginny have sex

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Changed a little bit of grammar, spellings and few dialogues. Added chapter header and few corrections. Let me help you. Come here. He helped me to remove my shirt.

Why Harry Picked Ginny, Rather Than Hermione, As A Romantic Partner

The Sugar Quill

Comments Showing of new post a comment » « previous 1 2 3 4 5 next ». Oct 06, PM. Harry likes to reminisce quite a bit about stolen hours in secluded grounds of Hogwarts with his girlfriend. Perhaps they're just making out, or perhaps it went further than that. Rowling doesn't give enough evidence to say either way. I'm just speculating here. Personally, I think it's very plausible that they had sex.

Chapter 4: For The First Time

Harry and Ginny are dating again after the Battle of Howarts! Sign Up Log In. Guest User.
Harry Potter has had the benefit of an excellent female friend since he was eleven years old. Hermione Granger has given him moral support, excellent advice, and loyalty. Her brains have saved him many times. Harry cares for her a great deal and needs Hermione in his life. She has sworn to remain at his side during his final quest to rid the world of Voldemort.