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Facebook Twitter Email. CNN — Bathing naked isn't just for babies. While the brave might whip off their underwear for an impromptu dip whenever the chance arises during our travels , some of us need more reassurance. That's why we've collated these 19 destinations where you can swim the way nature intended, confident that you won't attract too much attention.

Sexy slim woman in white bikini walking through the water at Karon beach, Phuket, Thailand

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Yes it's true, Thailand the land of smiles rents young Thai girls out by the hour, day, month, year. Some might think this is deplorable, others revil in the idea of a hot thin girl basically on your beck and call. Whatever your thoughts there is no denying that for a small cost, girls are for rent in thailand ever day of the year. You've probably come to this page because you want to know The cost of renting a Thai girl or just seeking more information on how to rent a Thai girl. In Thailand you barter for anything, if you've had little to no experience bartering then I suggest you start to practice. Almost everything outside a Thai shopping mall you can bargain with. Start the price lower than the cost price list.

19 fabulous places to take a skinny dip

Pole Dancing is the new trend for every woman who wants to stay fit and have fun! For any age and any size, everyone is welcome to take a shot at it! And if you are on holiday, it's definitively the right time to dare to try it! Pole Dancing is a sport, a form of performing art and a combination of dancing and gymnastic, which will develop your strength, flexibility and endurance. It will also increase your confidence and sex appeal.
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