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Nissan cars manufactured for the Nissan North American product line are generally produced in one of six manufacturing facilities located in Japan, the United States and Mexico. Japanese Facilities include the Oppama, Kyushu and Tochigi locations, while the American manufacturing locations include those in Canton, Mississippi and Smyrna, Tennessee. Production of the smaller and more entry level models such as the Versa, Cube and even the higher performance Z coupe are handled at the Oppama manufacturing facility. In addition to these, the Nissan Quest mini-van is also manufactured in the Canton Mississippi plant. The manufacturing location of Sentra models is unique in that it is manufactured in Aguas Calientes, Mexico, the only North American product manufacturing plant not located in Japan or America. While the current Nissan product line is rich with variety, over half of those destined for the North American market are built right here in the United States, with manufacturing almost evenly split between the Tennessee and Mississippi locations.

Nissan USA

What Is An American Car Brand? 18 Truly Made-In-U.S.A. Makes & Models

Wondering what country makes Nissan? Nissan has four divisions: Nissan, Infiniti, Nismo, and Datsun. Read on to learn more about Nissan vehicles and assembly lines. But the company has manufacturing plants in Japan and North America, as well as other locations worldwide. The productive plants below are just a few of the most prominent:. Ready to explore the Nissan lineup as it is today? Contact us to schedule a test drive near Nampa and Meridian!

What Country Is Nissan from?

Knowing what constitutes an American auto brand or individual model isn't as simple as it used to be. Before the globalization of the auto industry, it was easy to state with confidence that any General Motors, Chrysler Corporation, or Ford Motor Company product was as American as baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie—a phrase that Chevrolet actually used to great effect in its advertising back in the s. Today, there are several factors you might use to determine whether a car is a red-blooded American product. None are totally clear cut. If only it were that simple.
Nissan North America, Inc. The company manufactures and sells Nissan and Infiniti brand cars, sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks through a network of approximately 1, Nissan and Infiniti dealers in the United States, including independent Nissan dealerships, 38 Infiniti retailers and 45 Nissan Commercial Vehicle dealers in Canada. The Tennessee location is Nissan's second headquarter office after leaving Gardena, California in , having occupied the location for nearly 50 years. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.