Is suck a bad word

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If I may assist the Rev Neil Richardson Letters, September 12 , the derisive or negative use of the verb "to suck", espcially in the phrase "this sucks", is a s coinage - predating the Simpsons, although originating, like them, in America. The sucking in question refers to the act of fellatio, for which "suck" has been a synonym since at least the s. Like the consumption of lollies, most people experience this as a "pleasant experience", but its use in slang is based on the negative depiction of the fellator as subservient and, in a mixture of misogyny and homophobia, in some way dirty. Jonathon Green London. Bruce Marshall Bath, Somerset. The word "sucks", as a derogatory expression, derives from "sucks ass", an Americanism, nothing to do with donkeys, which pre-dates the Simpsons by at least thirty years, and maybe more.

Sucks is a Bad Word

Is “Sucks” A Bad Word? | Dysfunctional Literacy

It depends on what is doing the sucking and what is getting sucked. The dishes had piled up over the course of the day, and nobody had done them, and my daughter had smarted off to my wife at the wrong time, so now she was stuck with a sinkful of crusty dishes. Yes, we have a dishwasher, but my wife insists on all the dried remnants getting scraped before the dishes are placed into the washer. I had never thought about it before, and I think about vulgar expressions all the time. Hearing my wife complain about the word sucks brought back bad memories.

Is “Sucks” A Bad Word?

By Gini Dietrich. Last fall, I was in one of the biggest meetings of my career and we were talking about how Arment Dietrich could help this company. The chief marketing officer was extremely curious about this blog, and about the book I was at the time writing by the same name. But as adults and used in the title of published material? Likewise, other outlets are changing with the times and allowing editors to quote people if they use a swear word, rather than paraphrase.
A young black man entered the car and began to rap loudly-profanely, arrogantly-with the usual wild gestures. This went on for five irritating minutes. When no one paid attention, he moved on to another car, all the while spouting his doggerel.