Leighton meester dating adam

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Seriously, it was the television crossover of the decade. Their first outing as a couple was at the premiere of Some Girl s in , which Brody starred in. Here they are with actress Mia Maestro. News that the couple was engaged came in November , and the notoriously private pair reportedly married in February , in a hush-hush wedding.

Adam Brody Raves About Wife Leighton Meester in a Rare Interview

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody: A Timeline of Their Relationship

Beach community boy-next-door with the soul of an artist meets impeccably dressed New York City socialite, and they fall madly in love? As they say, opposites attract! Or, we may be confusing the characters Adam Brody and Leighton Meester played on their respective star-making teen dramas, but the end result is the same. Now parents of two, the actors married in and have been together for a decade since their romance first blossomed, all that had come before paving the way for their future as a meant-to-be couple. But while their pairing obviously attracted all the OMFG attention you'd imagine, Brody and Meester decided that they were—ongoing work in movies and TV aside—going to live their best lives off-camera. Far, far away from cameras, in fact. We're homebodies.

Adam Brody Revealed How He First Met Leighton Meester, And It's Too Freakin' Cute

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody have been together since when rumors of the two dating first began to swirl. Leighton, who is known for playing the iconic role of Blair Waldorf in the hit show, Gossip Girl. Their romance instantly sparked interest as fans began to ship them as Blair and Seth, their TV names, rather than their actual names.
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