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Men in Switzerland marry relatively late because they concentrate on their education and career before they start a family. The Swiss male highly values good work, honesty, diligence, and persistence. To exhibit a sense of sobriety in all their dealings is a common intention. Swiss guys also have a great love for the environment and outdoor activities- on weekends and holidays, Swiss families, couples, and friends can be seen out enjoying the beauty of their natural surroundings. Switzerland, located in Western Europe, is a beautiful, land-locked country.

Art Basel in the Air—and Sea

A Male Blogger Considers The Amazingly Awesome Shoes To Be Seen At Art Basel | WLRN

You have to commit. You have to give yourself to the river and let it be your guide. Fortunately for me, the Swiss have led the way in city swimming: for decades, cities such as Basel, Berne, Zurich and Geneva have been making rivers accessible and safe for swimmers. Developments in the s included building sewage treatment facilities and diverting domestic wastewater away from the river, and concrete steps were built for easier access to the water, and guidelines and maps published for swimmers. The Rhine sweeps through the medieval city and is an important trading route. Large flat-bottomed barges share the water with swimmers. In fact, it reminded me of moonstone, a pearlescent blend of blues and greens, surprisingly clear.

Online Viewing Rooms

Diddy front and center trying to snatch up new work for their personal collections, the celebrating of Art Basel was underway as early as Monday. The art fair takes up a lot of mental and geographical bandwidth in Miami—at the beach, in the Design District and downtown. The cramped city, with its traffic, tourists and countless party seekers and crashers, becomes the canvas, and as the latitude and longitude points get ever wider, one can feel more and more landlocked and claustrophobic. The same can be said for Miami hotel rooms, which always seem to be under construction and to be getting smaller. Ours at the SLS, which has lovely grounds, good service and a Katsuya sushi restaurant, didn't even have a closet.
I know why I got the assignment to write about the shoes. It's because I'm an older, generally well-meaning white guy whose cluelessness, tinged with naive sexism, would be more hilarious than these actual shoes from Art Basel. Let me be clear, I see nothing funny about this. And I am a little offended by the idea that men are not capable of forming reasonable opinions of women's shoes. This selection of footwear was photographed and curated by my colleagues Alicia Zuckerman and Arianna Prothero.