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Landsat and Seasat satellite images and aerial photographs of eastern Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, were analyzed to delineate geologic controls of ground water. Significant interpretation results include the delineation of linear topographic swales, interpreted as fractures, extending more than 50 km along strike from the previously known limit of the Holbox fracture system; the alignment of sink holes cenotes and inlets caletas on strike with existing faults and fracture systems; and the identification of tonal anomalies in Ingles Lagoon suggesting fresh-water discharge from a submarine spring. Water exchange between karst features and the porous matrix around them has been observed in karst aquifers by previous research. The exchange is driven by hydraulic head gradients caused by stormwater runoff or sea tides and may cause mineral dissolution. The authors of this work proposed a conceptual model of porosity development under tidal variations of hydraulic head is proposed. Simulations of reactive transport and porosity evolution were conducted to explore the porosity gradient development around a karst feature.

Here are just some of our happy customers

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