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According to the census, China is home to approximately The , Dungan people of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are also considered part of the Hui ethnicity. Their culture has distinct differences from the culture which developed from the practice of Islam. Traditional Hui clothing differs from that of the Han Chinese primarily in that some men wear white caps taqiyah and some women wear headscarves , as is the case in many Islamic cultures. However, since the industrialization and modernization of China, most young Hui people wear the same clothes as mainstream fashion trends.

The Muslim Hui people of China

Grottos of Bingling Temple (Linxia)

Bingling means one hundred thousand Buddha in the Tibetan language. The grottoes are in two two temples, upper and lower, and are distributed on the cliff that is 2 kilometres long from north to south, borders on the Yellow River and is strategically located and difficult to access. The grottoes started to be carved in the first year during the Jianhong reign of the Western Qin Period. There is an ink preface of that time found in the No. Hereafter, through the dynasties of the Northern Wei , Northern Zhou , Sui , Tang , Yuan and Ming , t new grottoes of different levels were built during every dynasty.

Grottos of Bingling Temple (Linxia)

Matthew S. Erie, a trained lawyer and ethnographer who teaches at Oxford University, lived for two years in Linxia, a small city in the northwestern Chinese province of Gansu. Along with the Turkic Uighurs, they are one of 10 officially recognised ethnic groups that practise Islam, making the total population of Muslims in China around 23 million, according to the government census.
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