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The massage session is configured according to your wishes and preferences. Foot fetishism as a phenomenon came to us, like many other erotic practices, from the East. In ancient China, young girls had their feet bound and wrapped in long silk ribbons in order to stop the feet growth and preserve its miniature form that resembled lotus buds. So what is the foot fetish in the modern world? Firstly, it is an esthetic pleasure from gracious women feet which are no less of a sexy body part in comparing to a bust, for example.

What causes a foot fetish?

What is a foot fetish? The science behind it

A foot fetish, or podophilia, is where feet, legs, stockings, shoes, or socks trigger sexual arousal in a person. People with fetishes become sexually aroused by certain things or specific body parts, such as the feet. Keep reading to learn more about what a foot fetish is, the science behind it, why people have fetishes, and how to introduce them into a relationship. A fetish is when an object or body part triggers sexually arousing fantasies and sexual urges in a person. One of the first people to study these behaviors was Sigmund Freud, who believed that fetishes arose during early childhood. Another hypothesis argues that they occur due to learning that being attracted to feet leads to a reward. Research suggests that people can link a typically non-erotic object or body part to arousal through positive feedback and a monetary prize.

Foot fetish

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