Peeing with an erection outside

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Especially if said someone has never actually given birth. To help explain why peeing with an erection is so hard ha! Francis Hospital in Long Island, and Jay Simhan , associate chair of the department of urology at Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia help answer your burning questions. We get it, peeing with an erection is difficult — but again, not pushing-a-human-out-of-your-body hard.

Peeing with an Erection Isn’t ‘More Difficult Than Childbirth,’ But It Can Be Challenging

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Gay Pissing Homemade Gay. Video iframe. Related Videos. Pissing with a semi erection.

9 Weird Things Your Penis Does

For most men, waking up with an erection is as predictable as needing to pee in the morning. Admittedly, when the two are combined, it does raise a sloppy conundrum. Why does sleep seemingly inspire an erection in the same way as the sex act that turns you on the most?
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