Physical hardships of being a stripper

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My main priority as an activist and public speaker has always been to shift the discourse away from the traditional moralising about sex work and towards a more pragmatic conversation about how working conditions in the sex industry could be improved. I would even argue that what most people think they know about strippers is gleaned from second hand information. Introducing the concept of ethics into the dialogue directs it towards a more nuanced perspective. Reminding people that even strippers are affected by things like policy and licensing legislation helps us refocus the topic — rather than getting hung up on the image of strippers as victims of circumstance, we can look more closely at what exactly those circumstances are, how they come about, and who gets to make the decisions and design the policies. Straight away I could see how the feminist discourse applied to the industry, due to the gender inequality among workers, customers and club owners.

Psychotherapy with Women Who Have Worked in the “Sex Industry”

The Ethical Stripper – Conway Hall

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Ten things you didn’t know about strippers

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By visiting our site, you agree to our privacy policy regarding cookies, tracking statistics, etc. Read more. Accept X. While we are on the topic of pole dancing the topic of being a stripper can come up and I wanted to cover this quick article to explore the pros and cons. I know a friend who does it and based on her experience and friends experiences she was able to help me with this article.