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Debbie Gibson has no reservations when it comes to admitting that her past eight years of living with Lyme disease have been difficult — but don't call it a battle. When you've lived enough life, you start to move through things with more ease. Gibson, now 50, first started experiencing undiagnosed Lyme symptoms — including food sensitivities, fatigue, night sweats, migraines and back pain — in At first she turned to Xanax — prescribed to her in her 20s after years of struggling with anxiety and depression — to help her cope.

Debbie Gibson Opens Up About Coping with Anxiety as an '80s Teen Star: 'I Was an Adult as a Kid'

Favorite Albums of the 80s: (#21) Debbie Gibson – Out Of The Blue |

At just 17, Debbie Gibson saw her wildest dreams come true when her song "Foolish Beat," off her debut album Out of the Blue , hit No. Then the spotlight shone even brighter two years later, when Gibson released her sophomore album Electric Youth. It spent five weeks at No. But behind her bright smile and massive success, the '80s teen queen was privately struggling with "adult pressures" that were placed on her.

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Yes, she could be a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, but Southland's Regina King knows that it's what's inside that counts. Her family has a history of hypertension and despite her athleticism, heredity caught up with her. In her 20's, she was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. She went on a life-saving mission, literally, and instead of going on medication, the star took to improving her health the natural way.
I wanted to marry her, or at least have her sing to me. Because she was only around 17 when she became famous, many considered Gibson an overnight sensation. The truth is Gibson spent more than a full year toiling at local malls and anywhere a stage could be found across the country before she achieved mainstream status. LOVED this album!