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Society ascribes roles and expectations for people based on their sex. When the costs and benefits of each sex are different, people may have different motivations for having sons or daughters because children of different sexes are not substitutable. Sex preferences may then increase fertility, as women and couples who pursue a certain sex composition may progress to additional births. To understand how the social structure has been shaping sex preferences and fertility ideals, it is important to identify the characteristics of women with different preferences.

Mass Sexual Harassment, Caught on Tape in Brazil

Crack, AIDS, and women in São Paulo, Brazil

Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. Shortly before kick-off, female supporters of both teams are seen walking around the playing field calling for respect for women fans. Taking advantage of the anonymity of the crowd, the Remo fans first booed them and then chanted demeaning lyrics about kissing and having sex with Paysandu women.

Crack, AIDS, and women in São Paulo, Brazil

Jump to navigation. Melino is young, forthright and drinks her coffee espresso. Then what happens?
Based on a survey developed in three Brazilian state capitals, this paper presents data and interpretations about the sexual practices and management of sexual desire among male and female youth. The findings indicate a close connection between gender and sexuality in modeling individuals' sexual trajectories and subjectivities. There is a higher acceptance of practices formerly considered to be deviant, revealing that sexual morality among youth has acquired a more modern configuration.