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Some girls can be contacted by up to 11 boys a night asking for nude images, the schools watchdog for England says. In an Ofsted survey, girls explained that if they blocked boys on social media "they just create multiple accounts to harass you". The report also found nine in 10 girls believed that sexist name-calling and being sent unwanted explicit photos or videos happened "a lot" or "sometimes" between their peers. The watchdog is warning that sexual harassment has become "normalised" among school-age children. Students often do not see the point of reporting abuse and many teachers underestimate the scale of these problems, Ofsted says.

Police: Iowa man solicited nude photos from boys he met while online gaming

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Unders who want nude pictures or videos of themselves removed from the internet can now report the images through an online tool. The service - from the Internet Watch Foundation and Childline - aims to help children who have been groomed, or whose partners have posted photos of them online. The IWF will examine the images and try and remove them if they break the law. It says the tool is a "world first" and could help many worried children. The IWF works to remove child abuse material from the internet. The charity says there are a number of reasons a young person might send nude images or videos without knowing they will be posted online, including grooming and coercion.

Kids sharing nude photos 'before they even hold hands' worries counsellors, police

The sharing of nude photos has become so common among teenagers that it's become part of the courtship process for kids as young as junior high, according to an outreach worker on P. Jane Wood, who works for Youth Justice Services, says some boys and girls are doing it before they even hold hands. It seems like the first thing to do. Wood and Const. Tim Keizer, the resource officer at Colonel Gray High School in Charlottetown, are part of a group that gives online safety presentations in P.
A Des Moines man faces felony charges after allegedly receiving nude pictures of a teen and another boy he met while gaming online. Matthew Eric Mason, 24, is charged with two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, court records show. Mason lives in Des Moines but the offenses took place in Wapello County, according to a criminal complaint from Ottumwa police. Police say Mason met two boys, a year-old and a year-old, while playing online video games. The complaint states the man exchanged phone numbers with the teens, neither of whom live in Iowa, and continued to talk to them.