Teen titans part 1

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Back to list of episodes. Raven sees no hope in defeating Trigon so she decides to make the Titans' last day perfect. However, it's not long before they find out, they take Raven to a safety room to protect her while they fight off Slade and his minions. Will this be enough to stop the prophecy from coming true or will Raven give in to Trigon to save her friends?

The End - Part 1

Teen Titans (season 1) - Wikipedia

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Teen Titans Go!

The series revolves around a team of crime-fighting teenaged superheroes — Robin , the team's fearless leader; Starfire , an alien princess from Tamaran; Cyborg , the teams tech-wizard who is half human and half robot; Raven , a telepathic sorceress from Azarath; and Beast Boy , a shapeshifter who can transform into any and all types of animals. The show focuses on the Titans adventures in protecting the city. The first season also features an overarching storyline focused on the Titans' main villain Slade , a mysterious mastermind who takes an interest in Robin and also the latter's growing obsession towards stopping him at any cost. Teen Titans debuted on Cartoon Network on July 19, and concluded its first season on November The season premiered to strong ratings for Cartoon Network while displaying a moderate showing on Kids' WB; the series became Cartoon Network's highest rated new series at the time.
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