Spank the monkey slang

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Spank the monkey

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Slang n. Onappo n. Monkey v. Monkey's puzzle : A lofty coniferous Chilian tree Araucaria imbricata , the branches of which are so crowded and intertwisted "as to puzzle a monkey to climb. Capuchin n. Kahau n. The general color of the body is bright chestnut, with the under parts, shoulders, and sides of the head, golden yellow, and the top of the head and upper part of the back brown.

Slang meaning of SPANK THE MONKEY

Top definition. Spanking the Monkey. Spanking the Monkey is another term for masturbating, otherwise known as beating your meat, slapping the ham , tugging the tiger , jerkin the gerkin, or stroking the sausage. Stop spanking the monkey so hard and come have some meth with me. Aug 19 Word of the Day.
Last edited on Apr 29 Blair spent most of the evening just spankin' the monkey. See more words with the same meaning: to waste time.