Sweating armpits lick

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You just want it to stop — the embarrassment, the odor, the ruined clothing. For all the jokes, for all the medical and scientific names, you just want an effective treatment for heavy armpit sweating. According to Science Daily, about 2. Among those people, about half have excessive underarm sweating.

Understanding the complex relationship between your body odour, bacteria and deodorant

Body odor: Causes, prevention, and treatments

Armpit fetishism: It's real, yet not really talked about. We live in an age where tossing salad is all over mainstream porn, but there aren't many people who are gonna cop to licking someone's pit to get off. Is an armpit fetish really so different from all the other freaky stuff out there? First, I'll clarify that there is a difference between having a fetish, and just being turned on by something. A fetish in the true sense of the word implies an obsession. As the Kinsey Institute defines it, " fetish specifically refers to a strong sexual preoccupation with an object, material, or body part.

3 People Explain What It’s Really Like to Have an Armpit Fetish

Man A: This past year is when I realized it. I don't have a thing for my own, it seems to only be my partners armpits. Man B: It's hard to pinpoint, but I first began to realize I had a thing for armpits during my teen years.
When I moved to North America last year, I expected to miss my family, friends and a good coffee — but never my deodorant. A month after I left home, the squat little bottle of roll-on I'd brought with me ran dry. When I went to the supermarket to stock up, I was confronted by a wall of armpit juice. There was every conceivable variety of deodorant: hypoallergenic deodorant, macho deodorant, feminine deodorant, stain-free deodorant, hour deodorant. But none of my deodorant, the one I've faithfully used for years, which apparently isn't available outside Australia.